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Residential Electrical

A wide variety of electrical services to choose from

We offer the following residential electrical services for homes of all sizes:

  • Internet cabling
  • Low voltage electrical services
  • Electrical wiring for new homes
  • Relocation of any electrical plugs
  • Main electrical service line establishment
  • Light, fan and other hard-wired fixture installations
  • Old wiring removal and rewiring of pre-existing homes
  • And virtually any other electrical needs you may have
Residential Electrical

Over two decades of experience

We’ve been serving the electrical needs of homes of all sizes since 1997, and take tremendous pride in our ability to quickly, effectively and affordably solve any and all of your electrical problems with ease and unparalleled professionalism.

Experts You Can Trust for All Your Residential Electrical Wiring Needs in Shelbyville

If you’re a Shelbyville resident who’s in need of electrical assistance—whether it’s a small job like installing internet cabling, or a large job such as installing electrical wiring throughout your entire new home—Haynes Service Company has you covered.